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What is Twitter ???

Twitter is a network that allows you to communicate and stay connected with someone or a company through the exchange of quick, information by "following" that person or company. Information that lets you know "What is going on now?"

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Why "follow" FTF on Twitter ???

By "following" FTF Industries on Twitter you will receive real-time information that lets you know "What is going on RIGHT now at FTF Industries?" when events that we feel would be of major interest to our customers take place. The following are examples of the types of information you would receive by "following" us on Twitter:

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* Inventory Stock Updates (Notices sent real time immediately when a long awaited item is back in stock, before it is even listed on the site

*Weekly SUPER Specials NOT Advertised in any other way

*Link Access to Pages NOT otherwise Available on the Site

*WAREHOUSE "Finds" Notices about items that we turn up all the time that are buried and long forgotten that were thought "sold out" long before.

  These are just a few of the reasons to "follow" FTF Industries using this dynamic networking tool. Twitter allows users to get the info that they want and do with it what they wish without any expectation of response, answer, or acknowledgement as on email or through other communications.  

Twitter as a company is a completely separate entity from FTF Industries and is not affiliated with FTF Industries in any way.