FTF Industries Inc. has been your One Stop Shop for many hard to find Tactical items for over 25 years !
We are a web based stocking distributor for a complete line of :

* AR15/M16 Parts

* Cobray MAC RPB SWD Leinad Parts

* Magazines

* 37mm & 26.5mm Launchers & Accessories




* DVD's:

We specialize in parts and accessories for the MAC series of weapons: Cobray, MAC, RPB, SWD, Leinad, MPA etc.
We offer a complete set of Precison CNC Machined Replacement Internal Parts for both the SMG and semi auto versions that replace the old original cast metal parts to make this weapon a much more reliable platform. We also offer HARD to Find Magazines for all versions of MAC weapons for the M-11/9, M-10/9, M-11/380, M-11/380 A1, M-12/380 & M-10/45.

We sell all AR15 / M16 parts as well as many different upper half configurations in various barrel lengths and calibers.

For all of your hard to find parts & supplies remember FTF (Freedom Takes Firepower) !